I’m Alexei! Director + Photographer and this is my story. It all began half way across world, in Russia. Crazy right?

I know what you are probably thinking. 'Is this going to be a story that is going to bring on the waterworks'? No tears needed! As I am living a life of fullness and good health. Yes, my first few years were a rough start to life but, now fast forward 23 years later. I am currently living in Christchurch, New Zealand. Let me guess... You are now probably asking yourself how on earth did I end up on the complete opposite side of the world? Well, a good story never dies so I will keep that one a mystery for the time being.  I'm sure you’ll discover the rest in due time :)


It has been an incredible journey so far growing this business. Discovering the heart-warming stories to traveling the country experiencing new adventures. I've got a passionate team of people who believe everyone has a story to tell and as a company, we honor and value that. So what are you waiting for, share your story with us today?


When you book with us, not only are you getting valuable quality results, you are also support our story for 2020.

A small creative team with myself will be heading to Russia, to film a film length documentary. I’ll be meeting with my birth mother for the first time, after 23 years.

- Alexei -